Second Strategic Energy Review focused wrongly

February 24, 2009 | 00:00

Second Strategic Energy Review: the wrong focus

PressTV's Energy World 

Associate Fellow at Chatham House and EER Editorial Board Member Walt Patterson was interviewed 20 February on the Iranian channel PressTV programme Energy World. In this interview Mr Patterson comments on the EU Second Strategic Energy Review and argues that the Commission starts at the wrong end of the issue. Instead of looking at the supply of fuels and electricity we should look first at how we use them, and what for. We know that we waste far too much, and could use them much better.

Furthermore, according to Patterson, the Review's five pillars are wrongly focused. Infrastructure, for example, should focus not merely on large projects, but more on the development and upgrading of smaller infrastructure, especially buildings, the so-called user-infrastructure, which Patterson says is much more important.

You can watch the whole interview right here. Walt Patterson’s bit starts at about 7:30 minutes in.

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