A Chip to Link your Smartphone and Automobile

April 30, 2014 | 00:33
A Chip to Link your Smartphone and Automobile
A Chip to Link your Smartphone and Automobile

The controller, host and application with integrated (field programmable) Flash memory is contained in a 6 mm x 6 mm chip. The GPIOs support both analog and digital signals. TI anticipates the chip will be useful in the field of:

Smartphone-controlled applications:

  • Keyless entry using a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone or Bluetooth Smart key fob, either standalone or in conjunction with TI's car access solutions
  •   Lighting controls to deliver ambient, clustered and programmable LED lighting
  •  Diagnostic information to help users understand engine warning lights
  •   Services with iBeacon technology for fast discovery and easy pairing with in-car Bluetooth Smart technology

Wire replacement, which reduces weight and cost, and in turn increases fuel economy in:

  •  Wireless infotainment controls in the steering wheel
  •  Low data rate systems for control, personalization settings and alerts via smartphone
  •  Bluetooth Smart remotes for rear seat entertainment systems

Other features allow low power operation from a single coin cell (less than 1 microamp (µA) of sleep current with RTC and RAM retention) so that the chip can to be active when the vehicle is switched off. Applications can be written directly to the chip and there is a developer’s kit available.

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