New Teledyne LeCroy Scopes

September 23, 2014 | 00:16
New Teledyne LeCroy Scopes
New Teledyne LeCroy Scopes

Two new oscilloscopes have been announced by Teledyne LeCroy. The 334 (350 MHz) and 354 (500 MHz) models are based on the company’s WaveJet platform, both have four input channels offering up to 5 Mpts of memory at 2 GS/s and feature a 7.5" touch screen display.

The new WaveJet touch oscilloscopes keep all the same debug tools of the previous WaveJet 300A model with additional features and toolset enhancements to help simplify the debug procedure. Triggers can be configured on I2C, SPI, and UART serial streams and the replay control allows you to view the captured waveform. GPIB and LAN connectively allow for remote control and data transfer.

Digital low-pass, high-pass, and simple moving average filtering on each channel allow the scope to isolate the desired frequency. The choice of normal, peak detect, average and high resolution acquisition modes provides flexibility when acquiring different types of waveform. Pass/fail mask and measurement testing enables deeper analysis and performs characterisation and validation testing.

Key Features:

  • 350 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 2 GS/s sample rate
  • Long Memory - up to 5 Mpts
  • 7.5" touch screen display
  • 26 measurement parameters
  • Replay mode
  • Standard Pass/Fail Mask and Measurement testing
  • Standard I2C, SPI, and UART serial triggers
  • Standard USB Host, USB Device, GPIB, and LAN connectivity
  • Multi-language user-interface and help
  • Fast boot time (< 5 seconds)

The WaveJet Touch oscilloscopes are priced at €4,190 / £3,625 for the 350 MHz WaveJet 334T and €4,990 / £4,315 for the 5400 MHz WaveJet 354T

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