The Future of the Druzhba Pipeline

September 25, 2012 | 00:00

The Future of the Druzhba Pipeline

The International Institute of Political Science (IIPS) has recently released a new study which was prepared by the researchers from both IIPS and the Department of International Relations and European Studies. It focuses on the future of oil supply of the Czech Republic through the Druzhba pipeline, threats endangering this supply route and potential cooperation between the Czech Republic and Poland on issues of oil supply.

The English study entitled The Future of the Druzhba Pipeline as a Strategic Challenge for the Czech Republic and Poland is the result of a one year long work within a research grant of the Czech-Polish Forum. The study answers following questions:

- Is there a danger of curtailment of the supply of oil via Druzhba to the surveyed countries?
- If so, what might be the mid-term implications of such situation?
- What is the possible position of the EU in solving this issue?
- Which actors would be affected by potential supply curtailment and how?

The study also provides an answer to the question whether Russia can possibly misuse oil supplies to put pressure on its customers. The study also examines the state of the oil sectors in the Czech Republic and Poland, including position of the key players. The current state and future development of infrastructure is also examined as well as an evaluation of Russian oil sector, including the analysis of recoverable reserves and export preferences. Attention is also paid to the transit countries. Finally, the objective of the study, which was developed in cooperation with a prestigious Polish think-tank Centre for Eastern Studies, was to identify points on which possible cooperation between the Czech Republic and Poland in issues of secure oil supplies can be grounded.

To access the full report, click here.

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