At Last, the Ultimate Guide to LTspice IV

March 18, 2014 | 09:16
At Last, the Ultimate Guide to LTspice IV
At Last, the Ultimate Guide to LTspice IV

LTspice IV is one of the most extensive SPICE simulators currently available, with over 1.5 million users worldwide. It is completely free, allowing you to work with an unlimited number of nodes, components and simulations. So much so, that many of the features on LTspice IV continue to go unexplored and unexploited and, unfortunately, literature and technical documentation are hard to come by. Recently made available in the Elektor Store, The LTspice IV Simulator book is the ultimate guide to LTspice IV.

In a sturdy, hard-cover format, The LTspice IV Simulator describes the operation of the program, all available commands, the various editors, dealing with SPICE models, the use of non-linear components and more. Perhaps the most robust piece of literature on the topic, The LTspice IV Simulator is more than just a manual. It also offers a variety of tips, methods and examples, all carefully illustrated using almost 500 drawings, diagrams and screenshots on high-quality paper.

The book is designed so that it is suitable for both beginner and veteran SPICE users; the author has written this work providing detailed responses to the questions he has been asked the most frequently during the training sessions he presents. Truly, every aspect of LTspice IV is covered within its 744 pages! For the curious among you, we’ve provided a preview of The LTspice IV Simulator on the Elektor website.

The book is available for only £42.95 / € 49.00 / $67.00 (plus shipping). Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members take advantage of a 10% discount.

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