New zero-drift Op Amps

December 20, 2014 | 21:25
New zero-drift Op Amps
New zero-drift Op Amps

Two new low-cost, op amps with close to zero drift operation and low operating quiescent current have been introduced by On Semiconductor. Typical applications include front-end amplifier circuits and power management designs. The NCS325 and NCS333 provide rail-to-rail input and output performance and are optimized for low voltage operation of 1.8 V to 5.5 V. the op amps feature a quiescent operating current of 21 µA and 17 µA respectively at 3.3 V. The devices operate with a gain bandwidth of 350 kHz with ultra-low peak to peak noise down to 1.1 µV from 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz.

Featuring high DC precision parameters, such as the 10 µV maximum input offset voltage at ambient temperature and the 30 nV/°C of offset temperature drift, make these amplifier devices well optimized for low side current sensing and voltage differential measurement of front-end sensor functions. Minimal voltage variations over temperature along with close to zero offset ensure the efficiency of systems exposed to wide operating temperature ranges without the need for complex software calibration algorithms, resulting in a more manageable design and longer product lifespan.

According to Simon Keeton, vice president of Integrated Circuit Products at ON Semiconductor “By offering precision operational amplifiers that deliver industry-leading analog performance, these new devices meet the stringent objectives of our customers projects as well as addressing the ever growing industry demand for more energy efficient end designs. Historically, engineers have preferred to utilize zero drift precision op amps but the traditionally high cost of such solutions has discouraged implementation. With the introduction of this family of amplifiers, we have been able to make precision affordable.”

The NCS325 is offered in a 3 x 1.5 mm 5-pin TSOP package. It has unit pricing of $0.35 in 3,000 unit quantities. The NCS333 is offered in a 1.5  x 3 mm SOT23-5 package or in a 2 x 1.25 mm SC70-5 and has unit pricing of $0.5, in 3,000 unit quantities.

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