On Elektor.TV : Line AC Switch Controlled by Android Smartphone

November 18, 2015 | 10:17
Laird’s BL600 Bluetooth communication module, for which Elektor offers the famous e-BoB breakout board, is used here in a complete new and autonomous project to switch mains voltage  (max. 200 W), for example switch a light on or off from an Android smartphone.
This kit of parts for the Bluetooth Switch (BL600-eBoB Bluetooth 4.0 module not included) comes with an Android app to control the switch. The project will be published in Elektor Magazine, edition January-February 2016.

App Notes
  • it is not necessary to search the module when the App's button is blinking, you can tap the button right away.
  • cool feature: disconnect by sliding your finger over the button from left to right.

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