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A whole year of Elektor magazine at a whopping 25% discount

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
A whole year of Elektor magazine at a whopping 25% discount
A whole year of Elektor magazine at a whopping 25% discount

Elektor is the magazine for electronics professionals and enthusiasts like you. Electronics is wide, we know. Audio (both analogue and digital), computers & software, microcontrollers & embedded, test & measurement, power supplies and radio & TV are just a few areas we strive to cover every month to honour the wide diversity of subjects Elektor has been renowned for carrying these past 50 years.


Not a little proud of the achievement, we're happy to announce this year’s special Christmas Deal. Become a member of the Elektor community, subscribe now and you’ll get a full year’s worth of challenging projects, interesting uses of technology and, most important of all, the immeasurable fun of doing it yourself besides learning along the way. The volume of projects currently in the pipeline is such that it should keep you busy reading, soldering, measuring and programming and not finish before Christmas 2012.


But best of all, as a special offer you get 25% OFF the normal subscription price for 2012!


If you’re relatively new to Elektor or a persistent newsstand buyer, open the contents pdf linked to below and have a look at the front cover and contents page of the January 2012 edition to get an impression of what we mean by "electronics covered widely".


If that’s not convincing enough, allow us to list some of the advantages of subscribing to Elektor over buying individual copies at a newsstand or bookshop:

  • It’s considerably cheaper and easier than buying 11 individual editions (how about 28% in the UK).
  • As a subscriber you qualify for discounts up to 40% on selected Elektor products in each edition.
  • You receive your magazines well before they appear in newsstands, so you're always up to date.
  • No queues, travel time, parking fees or sold-out editions. Elektor is supplied to your doorstep or in your mailbox every month.


Join Elektor! Our membership staff will be happy to process your form and enroll you in no time.

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