AirCheck Wi-Fi tester offers extended features

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
AirCheck Wi-Fi tester offers extended features
AirCheck Wi-Fi tester offers extended features

Fluke Networks has released the latest version of their AirCheck™ Wi-Fi tester, a dedicated handheld tool designed for quick and easy troubleshooting in today's increasingly complex wireless local area networks. With the latest product enhancements, version 1.2 of the AirCheck Wi-Fi tester lets wireless technicians and frontline engineers identify clients, devices and access points on a wireless network. This new capability makes the AirCheck tester the only handheld tool on the market that combines the WLAN performance information and complete WLAN detection capabilities essential for troubleshooting and securing a wireless network quickly.

Featuring simple, intuitive operation, the AirCheck Wi-Fi tester can be learned and used in minutes by frontline IT professionals, even if they have little wireless network experience, and is an affordable option for every enterprise, large or small. Users can easily verify and troubleshoot 802.11a/b/g/n network availability, connectivity, channel utilisation and security settings while on the go. The AirCheck tester allows users to identify coverage and connectivity problems, find unauthorised or rogue access points and clients, see overloaded networks and channels, detect interference, and validate security settings.


AirCheck Wi-Fi tester v1.2 includes new functionality for locating all wireless clients and accessing client details. Users can identify misbehaving or unauthorised clients, and reconfigure or remove them from the wireless network. Furthermore, the AirCheck tester now offers hidden SSID resolution, allowing users to resolve the names of access points that are either hidden or set to not broadcast. This allows a technician to quickly verify that the network and access points are configured properly.

Image: Fluke

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