AM/FM/SW receiver integrated on a single CMOS chip

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
AM/FM/SW receiver integrated on a single CMOS chip
AM/FM/SW receiver integrated on a single CMOS chip

The Si4840 and Si4844 from Silicon Labs are the first CMOS AM/FM/SW radio receiver ICs with analogue tuning and digital display that integrate the complete receiver function from antenna input to audio output. Based on Silicon Labs' proven and patented digital low intermediate frequency receiver architecture, the Si4840 and Si4844 deliver superior RF performance and interference rejection. The integrated control algorithm provides an easy and reliable control interface while eliminating all of the manually tuned external components used in a traditional receiver.


The analogue tuning voltage can be provided by a simple potentiometer, and the IC communicates with a host microcontroller over an I²C-compatible 2-wire control interface to display frequency and stereo/mono data on an LCD. The receiver IC covers the frequency ranges of 504 to 1750 kHz (AM), 2.3 to 28.5 MHz (SW – Si4844 only) and 64 to 109 MHz (FM). It supports digital tone and volume control, and provides a stereo/mono indication on the display.


The Si4840 and Si4844 operate over a supply voltage range of 2.0 to 3.6 V and are available in a 24-lead SSOP package.


Image: Silicon Labs


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