Analog Design Library

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Analog Design Library
Analog Design Library

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a precision analog design library with comprehensive board-level designs to help engineers quickly evaluate and customize their systems while expanding their analog knowledge base. The TI Precision Designs library includes Reference, Verified and Certified Designs that provide all of the methodology and results, along with design and simulation files.


Reference Designs consist of circuits complete with theory, simulation, calculation and design methodology. Verified Designs are reference designs that have been built and characterized with everything needed to take a concept to copper, including bench results, Gerber files and schematics. Finally, Certified Designs  are Verified Designs characterized for real-world environmental testing, such as EMC, ESD and EMIRR.


Nearly 20 TI precision designs are available for download now, and new designs will be added to the library on an ongoing basis. Online analog design tools and support are also available to help engineers stay at the top of their game and shorten time to market.


Additional design support is available on the Precision Data Converter and Precision Amplifiers Forums in the TI E2E Community, where engineers can ask questions and get answers from TI experts.

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