The best electrical engineers, engineering students, and electronics makers look for opportunities to learn from their engineering errors. And they are always hungry for tips and tutorials that will help them succeed when designing, programming, testing, and launching new electronics projects, products, and applications. In a new series called "Error Analysis," our editors and staff engineers will share insights from Elektor community members about engineering-related errors, mistakes, and mishaps. And, of course, we will detail important tips and tricks that will help others improve their design, testing, and programming skills. 
Spot the engineering errors

What Have You Learned from Your Engineering Errors?

Would you like to share details about your own engineering errors and experiences? Whether you are a pro engineer with embedded systems design experience or a weekend maker who loves DIY projects, we would like to hear from you. Take a few minutes and simply fill out our "Error Analysis" form so Elektor's team of editors and engineers can review your experience. Our team will consider the more helpful submissions for possible publication on our sites and in our magazines, such as Elektor, Elektor Industry, MagPi, and Make:. (You might even receive a few Elektor goodies!)​
Error analysis submission

What Are We Looking For?

Perhaps one of your engineering errors helped you learn something important? Maybe you made a silly mistake that led you realize something important? Did you fail a design numerous times but learn something useful? The Elektor community wants to know. Error analysis submission form

We welcome details about any of following:
  • Hardware design errors
  • Schematic errors
  • Programming errors
  • Construction problems or mistakes
  • Mathematical errors 
  • Test and/or measurement issues
  • Workspace construction errors
  • Mishaps with with tools, kits, or components

Or surprise us with something else! Basically, if you learned from an engineering-related experience, let us know. We'll help you share your knowledge with the community.  Your insight just might help thousands of other engineers and electronics enthusiasts!