What happens when Elektor and Arduino team up? United by a passion for electronics, we go full bore on creating innovative projects, writing in-depth engineering tutorials, and collaborating on a 140-page edition of your favorite electronics magazine. The Arduino guest-edited edition of Elektor Mag is coming this December! Elektor Gold and Green members will receive the edition as soon as it is published. And anyone will be able to purchase a copy (or several) from the Elektor store.

Watch our announcement and the discussion we had with Arduino co-founder David Cuartielles.

A History of Inspiration

Creative engineers, enthusiastic makers, and curious students throughout Elektor’s global community have been inspired by Arduino since its founding. Take a quick look at the Elektor archive and you’ll immediately see that our community members have been working with Arduino’s products since the mid-aughts. And, since that time, Elektor has published a massive volume of related content, including projects, tutorials, courses, books, and videos. Notable examples include co-founder David Cuartielles’s multipart article series titled “Arduino on Course” (2012), the 2016 Elektor SDR Shield, and Clemens Valens’s popular book Mastering Microcontrollers Helped by Arduino (Elektor, 2017). The list goes on and on. 

Elektor has also been a source of inspiration for Arduino customers and employees. “It was through Elektor that I discovered a whole community of like-minded people,” explains Cuartielles, who was actually the keynote speaker at the 2012 ElektorLive! conference in Dortmund, Germany. “Inventors willing to share their knowledge and projects in the pages of the Elektor Magazine. This concept of community became the other fundamental pillar of my professional career.”
innovation with arduino img.png
C. J. Abate (Content Director, Elektor), Jens Nickel (Editor in Chief, Elektor),
and David Cuartielles (Co-Founder, Arduino)

The Arduino Guest-Edited Edition

In early December 2022, pro engineers, makers, and students all over the world will have a chance to enjoy the super-thick, guest-edited edition of Elektor Mag. What can you expect to read in the issue? DIY projects, in-depth technical insights from David and his colleagues, and interviews. Here is a short preview:
  • Getting Started with the Portenta X8
  • Dependable IoT Based on LoRa
  • Connected Projects, Simplified
  • 8-Bit Gaming with Arduboy
  • Art with Arduino
  • A CAN-to-MQTT Gateway Demo Project
  • And much more!

But that’s not all. The collaboration between Elektor and Arduino won’t stop in mid-December. We’ve planned a bonus edition of Elektor Mag (which will be distributed through the Elektor E-Zine), a webinar, a project video, and livestreams. 

More Collaboration to Come

Keep an eye on the ElektorMagazine.com and Arduino.cc websites, as well as our social media channels, for updates about the guest-edited magazine, the bonus edition, and a few more surprises!