ARM introduces mbed IoT Device Platform

November 10, 2015 | 12:21
ARM introduces mbed IoT Device Platform
ARM introduces mbed IoT Device Platform
The mbed IoT Device Platform is a combination of an operating system (mbed OS) and developer tools that offer the building blocks for IoT inter-operable standards, ready for next generation connectivity and with strong foundations of security.

Furthermore, the platform offers associated tools intended to ease the connection of IoT devices to the cloud thanks to the mbed Device Connector, a free service for developers to connect and manage up to 100 devices and handling up to 10,000 events an hour.

The mbed OS is currently in its Technology Preview stage. This means that it is a beta release for you to try out. It features, amongst many other things:
  • Native OS support for Thread
  • Inclusion of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
  • mbed uVisor support for sample ARM Cortex-M4 devices using the ARM MPU
  • yotta target support for mbed Enabled targets from a selection of silicon partners 

mbed IoT Device Platform overview

BTW, for those who wonder what happened to the old mbed website, it is still available as Classic mbed
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