Looking for new Arduino projects? Want to learn about Arduino’s pro solutions? Curious what’s on the workbenches of the company's founders and in-house engineers? Check out the newest edition of Elektor Mag, which was guest-edited by our friends at Arduino.

Inside the Edition, Guest-Edited by Arduino

Over the past few months, Arduino co-founder David Cuartielles and several of his colleagues have worked closely with Elektor’s editors and engineers to make this unique production, which we are publishing in English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian. The guest-edited magazine covers a wide range of topics, including Arduino Pro applications, DIY projects, gaming with Arduino, and much more. The great contributions you will find in the magazine come from both teams, as well as from members of the global electronics community. Enjoy!
Arduino Edition 2022 Cover large
  • Editorial: Innovation with Arduino
  • Get to Know Arduino
  • Unboxing the Portenta Machine Control
  • The Future of Arduino
  • MicroPython Enters the World of Arduino
  • Connected Projects, Simplified: Dive Into the Arduino Cloud
  • Unboxing the Elektor LCR Meter with David Cuartielles
  • Introduction to TinyML
  • Writing Arduino Sketches Just Got Better: The Arduino IDE 2.0
  • Getting Started with the Portenta X8: Manage Software Securely with Containers
TOC 2022
  • Build, Deploy, and Maintain Scalable, Secure Applications
  • Go Professional with Arduino Pro
  • Smart Ovens Take a Leap Into the Future
  • Tagvance Builds Safer Construction Sites with Arduino
  • Santagostino Breathes Easy
  • Security Flies High with RIoT Secure’s MKR-Based Solution
get started with portenta x8
  • Open-Source Brings a New Generation of Water Management to the World
  • The Mozzi Arduino Library for Sound Synthesis: Insights from Tim Barrass
  • The New Portenta X8 (with Linux!) and Max Carrier Redefine What’s Possible
  • How Using Arduino Helps Students Build Future Skills
  • Must-Haves for Your Electronics Workspace
  • The Importance of Robotics in Education
  • Dependable IoT Based Upon LoRa
  • Art with Arduino: Inspiring Insights from Artists and Designers
  • Arduino Portenta Machine Control and Arduino Portenta H7: A CAN-to-MQTT Gateway Demo Project
  • How I Automated My Home: Arduino CEO Fabio Violante Shares Solutions
  • Altair 8800 Simulator: Hardware Simulation of a Vintage Computer
Altair 8800
  • MS-DOS on the Portenta H7: Run Old-School Software on Contemporary Hardware
  • Grow It Yourself: A Digitally Controlled, Single-Box Solution for Indoor Farming
  • Save the Planet With Home Automation?: MQTT on the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
  • Senso: Detect Deforestation with Sound Analysis
  • 8-Bit Gaming with Arduboy
  • Reducing Water Usage at Horseback Riding Tracks: An IoT Solution to Constantly Monitor Soil Humidity and Temperature Levels
  • The Panettone Project: A Sourdough Starter Management and Maintenance System
  • Space Invaders with Arduino
David C Arduino unbox

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