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BIG DEAL: Elektor & Circuit Cellar

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
BIG DEAL: Elektor & Circuit Cellar

In 2011 it will be 50 years ago when a Dutchman called Bob van der Horst launched his magazine Electronica Wereld (Electronics World). A bit later the use of this title presented problems and in 1964 Bob’s periodical continued under the name Elektuur. Bob did not fail to see the potential of the publication, especially in Germany. Before long, Elektor — as all non-Dutch editions were called — also appeared in English, French and Spanish, followed by many licensed editions for lesser language areas, and the publication as a whole grew massively. Now, 50 years on, Elektor is poised to cross the Atlantic and enter the US market. Keen readers are no doubt aware that a localized edition of Elektor is already published in the US and Canada, so what’s the big deal? The answer is: we’ve added US publication Circuit Cellar to the Elektor portfolio.


Circuit Cellar equates to Steve Ciarcia, the resident author of the famous ‘Circuit Cellar’ section in (equally famous) Byte Magazine. While Byte drowned in the tidal wave called online publishing, Steve expanded and strengthened Circuit Cellar. Over the years ‘CC’ became a leading periodical on embedded electronics, graced by readers in all corners of the globe.


Circuit Cellar and Elektor are complementary to a large extent, Elektor throwing in its long and varied history, in-house laboratory, prototyping-for-repeatability, multi-lingual culture and a truly global author network. Circuit Cellar, the younger magazine, adds a strong focus on PC and embedded applications, plus its power to mobilize hoards of programmers by means of design competitions.


The joint forces of the magazines will create a vast worldwide community of experts covering all areas of electronics; from embedded to automotive, from home automation to audio, from test and measurement to computers; for professionals and students – for business and pleasure. So, join the club!


Both magazines titles will remain available separately on the US market.




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