Even before the Super-Taifun Mangkhut swept over the Kurtz Ersa production site in Zhuhai, a part of the old factory building fell victim to the demolition excavators. The reason for this, however, was not fears about the weather resistance of the halls, but much more a highly gratifying occasion. The demolition was followed before the Chinese Golden Week by the ground-breaking ceremony for a complex factory expansion, which will result in a quadrupling of the previous production area. The expansion had become urgently necessary as the previous factory had long since reached its production capacity. In 2017 more than 200 Ersa reflow units and more than 100 Kurtz particle foam machines were produced in the Zhuhai plant. In 2018 already more than 400 machines will be delivered.

According to Bernd Schenker, President Kurtz Ersa Asia, the prospects for the next few years continue to point to growth. In addition, plans are already underway to produce more different types of Kurtz Ersa machines for the Asian market in Zhuhai. Due to this extremely positive business development and the excellent market acceptance of the “German designed – China made” machines, it was not very difficult for the management of the Kurtz Ersa Group to give the green light for the expansion of the factory last year. The expansion is to be carried out in two construction phases. In the first phase a new building with four floors will be built on the area of the demolished machine hall and paint shop. Completion of the first phase is scheduled for May 2019. For Zhuhai Factory Manager Sam Ho “No Problem, in China we are very fast”. At the end there will be a production capacity of up to 800 machines per year on an area of approx. 6,000 m2. A special challenge for management and employees is the maintenance of normal production operations during the entire construction period. The order books are well filled until next year. Fortunately, it was possible to rent an old factory building in the immediate vicinity for this period. If the business development in Asia continues as planned, the second expansion stage of the factory is planned. This includes a further three-storey high extension with an additional 3,500 m2 office and production area with a  capacity for another 400–500 machines per year. If there are no more super-taifuns or the political weather situation does not change the course, everything for Kurtz Ersa in Asia will continue to grow healthily in Asia.