BMconnect: Digital access for disabled people

January 29, 2020 | 16:15
BMconnect: Digital access for disabled people
BMconnect: Digital access for disabled people
BIOMAREL is a start-up whose goal is to develop medical devices to help with communication and return to autonomy for people with disabilities. Founded in May 2018, the company aims to be a leader in the disability community, all handicaps that are visible and invisible, and uses technology to empower the most vulnerable.

In an ultra-connected society, more than 15 million people in Europe do not have access to technology and therefore autonomy. Our BMCONNECT is an ergonomic and discreet medical device, wirelessly categorized as a communication aid, compatible on all computer media (computers, tablets, smartphones, nursing ringtone) and under all systems (Windows, Linux, Apple, Android). This device allows people with motor disabilities with reduced mobility of the upper limbs who do not have a neurological impairment, to use the existing technology using only their head.

Sold in kit with a gyroscope and 3 contactors, adapted and adaptable to all depending on the stage and handicap. Moving the head through the gyroscope allows you to emulate the movement on the computer system and to click either with the eyebrow, chin or breath using one of our choice contactors. Our device is scalable with the user.

The BMCONNECT is very discreet, black, wireless and very light. You can feel it very little on the glasses or the headband provided in the kit. In just a few minutes and after a quick setting on our software, we can use it to surf the net, word processing, social networks, games, ... in short, everything that allows us to communicate, have fun, learn or even work.

The contactors are (dis)activatable via our software and they are all as easy to (un)install on the base, by (de)clicking it to it. All sensors are set on a single software, available directly on our website, which means that we can adapt to different handicaps but also at several stages of a disability. The setting is simple and does not require any computer knowledges.

It is ready to use; the user has no need to change his technological equipment.

We are talking to patient associations, rehabilitation centres, specialized shelters, hospitals, clinics and of course individuals. The BMCONNECT is available now to order and is sold for 999 euros excluding delivery costs, with the possibility of easy payment in 3 times for the individual. Social security support and a mutual share are being discussed in order to make the scheme even more accessible to as many people as possible.
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