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Broadcom Embraces WiFi Direct

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Broadcom Embraces WiFi Direct
Broadcom Embraces WiFi Direct

Most people associate WiFi as a gateway to the internet via an access point (usually a router). The WiFi Direct protocol allows any WiFi Direct enabled device to talk to any other WiFi Direct device without the need of an access point. Many industry watchers predict that it may eventually supplant Bluetooth.


The chip manufacturer Broadcom has announced that it is incorporating WiFi Direct across its entire portfolio, including the feature in all of its connectivity, media and mobility products. The company is offering its InConcert Maestro Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with its WiFi Direct certified devices. According to the company this combination will allow simple and easy-to-develop wireless gaming, content sharing, and printing applications.


Of course you knew that there is a Broadcom device nestling under the SDRAM chip on the Raspberry Pi. Does that mean we can look forward to WiFi Direct capability on the next Rpi?

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