Build a Tiny Shiny Christmas Starlet

November 29, 2016 | 11:49
Build a Tiny Shiny Christmas Starlet
Build a Tiny Shiny Christmas Starlet
It's back to basics at Elektor this season! With this small DIY kit you can build a shiny-tiny Christmas Star. The five LEDs shown in the drawing are connected to a 9-V battery through two series resistors, and yes, all these parts are included in this funny little kit.

We will distribute the Christmas Starlet kit for free to all customers who place an order in our Elektor Store (limited to available inventory)! Due to customs regulations, the supply of these kits is limited to destinations within Europe only.

Simply a nice little gadget to light up your home during the Xmas Holiday Season!

Contents of the kit
  • 5 pcs. red LEDs
  • 2 pcs. 47 Ω resistors
  • 1 pc. 9 V battery

Tools required
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder wire
  • Small cutters

The five LEDs and two resistors are all connected in series with the battery. The resistors serve to limit the current through the LEDs to a safe value.

Solder the leads of the LEDs and the resistors together in the formation shown in the picture. The longer lead of a LED must always be connected to the shorter lead of the neighboring LED.

When you have done this, the resistor connected to the LED with a shorter lead can be soldered to the negative battery terminal. To switch on the Christmas Starlet, insert the other resistor (connected to the LED with the longer lead) into the positive terminal of the battery.

Decorate the battery
Decorate the battery with the wrapper printed on the leaflet in the kit.

We wish you a Merry & Shiny Xmas!

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