Buy One Elektor E-Book and Receive Second Half-Price!

August 5, 2014 | 05:55
Buy One Elektor E-Book and Receive Second Half-Price!
Buy One Elektor E-Book and Receive Second Half-Price!

We’re offering a special discount on our selection of E-books in the Elektor Store, for a limited time only. Anyone who purchases any two E-books will receive the second one at half the price!

There’s a variety of excellent and increasingly popular titles already available in E-book format, such as:

Eagle Getting Started Guide, which instructs the reader on the use of CadSoft’s EAGLE PCB design software package and is suitable for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Mastering the I²C Bus, a detailed investigation into the I²C Bus and its applications, which also covers how to design a solid system using the most compatible I²C chip classes.

RFID, provides a practical and comprehensive introduction to MIFARE, the most widely used RFID technology.

311 Circuits, a huge source of circuits, design ideas, tips and tricks from all areas of electronics: audio & video, computers and microcontrollers, radio, hobby & modelling. Home & garden, power supplies and batteries, test & measurement, software and more.

Linux PC-based Measurement Electronics is intended as a highly-practical guide for Hobbyists, Engineers and Scientists wishing to build measurement and control systems to be controlled by a local or remote Personal Computer running the Linux operating system.

All Elektor E-Books are in the form of a PDF file. After a successful purchase has been made, the files are automatically added and downloadable from your Elektor account (under 'My Downloads').

This offer will run until August 31st, so keep checking back to see what we have in store!

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