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Check Your PCB Design Online Before Ordering

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Check Your PCB Design Online Before Ordering
Check Your PCB Design Online Before Ordering

Are you one of those electronics enthusiasts that every once in a while designs a PCB and then sends it off to a PCB manufacturing house to get it done? Then you must be familiar with that nagging feeling of uncertainty about the correctness of your production files. All may look well in the PCB design software but did you check the gerber files you uploaded? And even if you did, are you sure that the PCB manufacturing house will interpret your board data in exactly the same way as your tools did?


This is where the latest addition to the Elektor CircuitCellar PCB Service comes in: the PCB visualizer and checker, a fully automated interactive webtool that allows reviewing of your design files before ordering the PCB. After you have uploaded your design files they are analyzed by the new tool to show you what the manufacturer sees. Possible design issues are highlighted and insight is given into critical areas of the PCB production process. Your design is verified against the board specifications you requested and any modifications necessary to get it all ready for production are listed. Finally, the visualizer renders the board as it will be shipped before production has even started!


No other company provides you the same service for a lower price, so why not make the Elektor CircuitCellar PCB Service your standard PCB Service?

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