Now is the time to complete your Linear Audio Books collection. We are cutting the prices of the Linear Audio Series permanently by up to 5 euros per book. Each edition is now priced at €19.90 (instead of €24.90) - so get yours today! 

The series (no fewer than 14 volumes available) is a vehicle for publishing deeply technical information, developments and the state of the art of audio from a technical perspective. An international team of prominent authors offers technical audio articles, discussing concepts and ideas as well as offering construction articles on a wide ranging number of subjects, from the state of digital audio to tube and solid state amplification projects to book reviews. Published minimum twice per year to cater for all your audio needs, the collection is vast and covers all technical content of the highest quality.

So now is the time to complete your collection - or to start one - so that you can learn all there is to know about Audio.

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