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Discounted PIC Programming Course Includes Free Elektor GREEN Membership

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Discounted PIC Programming Course Includes Free Elektor GREEN Membership
Discounted PIC Programming Course Includes Free Elektor GREEN Membership

In our next summer deal here at Elektor we’re putting the spotlight on our Programming Embedded PIC Controllers Distance Learning Course. In this course Bert van Dam teaches you to program an embedded microcontroller from the ground up. This course is suitable for self-study, or as part of a wider curriculum, and is aimed at any layperson with an interest in microcontrollers. The course begins with the absolute basics and works its way up to more complex and advanced subjects.  Upon the completion of the course you will be able to design your own embedded applications and write the appropriate software for it.


The course package consists of:
• Courseware Ring Binder (747 pages)
• CD-ROM including software and example files
• Application Board
• Support at Elektor Forum
• Elektor Certificate


The Distance Learning Course contains chapters covering a wealth of topics, including SPI communication, Pulse Width Modulation, Analog Signals and LCD Display. Example pages and a download of the complete Table of Contents is also available through the link below.


Included in the course package is a special application board essential to your learning. This circuit board is only available in conjunction with this course and allows you to perform a variety of experiments using sound, light, temperature, variable resistors, I2C protocol and USB. To be able to follow the course, further E-blocks hardware is required which you may already have (in part). All relevant products are available individually but also as a set at a discounted price.


Summer Deal: Keep £100 in your pocket!

Take advantage of this amazing limited offer! If you order the course package before August 27, 2013 you'll receive a £40 discount on the regular sales price of £355. On top of that you’ll get a free one-year Elektor GREEN Membership valued at £60. A GREEN Membership consists of 10 digital editions of Elektor magazine (pdf) but has a lot more interesting features. Already a member? In that case you'll get a free one-year renewal of your current membership.

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