Drop-in GPS modules make localisation easy

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Drop-in GPS modules make localisation easy
Drop-in GPS modules make localisation easy

The SimpleLink GPS CC4000 family of drop-in GPS modules from Texas Instruments were designed to simplify the addition of GPS functionality to products. They feature a hardware controlled push-to-fix function; simply switch on the general-purpose I/O (GPIO) line to receive standard NMEA strings containing location, time and velocity information. The modules can be used with any microcontroller or microprocessor and feature a sub-100-mm² form factor.
The modules provide better than 2.5 meter accuracy and pulse-per-second output functions to enable precise location and timing. The “watchful-eye” feature optimizes device memory utilization by automatically reusing previously decoded satellite information to deliver ultra-fast time to first fix (TTFF) and minimize overall system power consumption. The key features of the new modules are code size requirement less than 1% of competitive GPS solutions, maximum memory requirement of 1 KB RAM and 1.5 KB flash for slim driver, NMEA protocol support, 35 s autonomous cold-start TTFF under open-sky signal conditions, approximately 1 s autonomous hot-start TTFF under open-sky signal condition, and timing accuracy better than 100 ns.


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