Control your robot with your smartphone
after fitting a 3€-Bluetooth HC06 dongle.
A kit of parts for making a wireless robot and experimenting with the Brainbox AVR educational board is available in the Elektor Store (# 160001-71). Developed by an electronics teacher, also suitable for hobby environments, the Brainbox AVR board is 100% compatible with Arduino, but it's more than a regular Leonardo. Thanks to the rugged screw connections, the 600mA outputs, the two DC servo outputs and the many power supply options, this enhanced platform is immediately useful, perfect for educational and DIY purposes by the solid construction and the large amount of free educational materials. Fully compatible with existing shields, it can be programmed with Arduino IDE.

Main Features

  • Programmable with Arduino IDE, Flowcode, C & S4A
  • Each GPIO pin has separate 5-V & GND
  • Solid screw connections; no breadboard required
  • 4 x 600 mA power outputs
  • 2 servo connectors
  • Connector for HC06 Bluetooth module
  • I2C, RS232 & SPI connectors
  • Compatible with existing Arduino shields
  • Powered by USB or battery (6 V, 9 V, 12 V), external