Last week electronica 2022, the world’s largest electronics tradeshow took place in Munich, Germany. Of course, Elektor was present, not only with a booth but also with a team of flying reporters carrying video equipment. Here are a few of the video’s they made.

Advanced In-Car Displays

Elektor’s Brian Tristam Williams talks to Stefan Drouzas, ROHM Semiconductor Europe’s Senior Application Marketing Manager about the range of solutions, such as moving to zonal architecture and their SerDes serializer-deserializer components, which ROHM brings to intelligent vehicle cockpit displays that help the car talk to the driver more intelligently, save resources, and ensure safety.

eXtreme oscilloscopes, quantum computers

Elektor engineer Stuart Cording speaks with Jithu Abraham about Rohde & Schwarz's new MXO 4 oscilloscopes and discusses double-pulse testing with Jens Schweickhardt and Ian Janusch from PE Systems, a Rohde & Schwarz partner. He also learns how data and results are exchanged with quantum processors with Dr. Florian Froning of Zurich Instruments.

High-Reliabilty Connectors and How to Handle Them

Elektor engineer Stuart Cording speaks with Scott Unzen of Omnetics about high-reliabilty connectors and how to handle the wiring of such miniature solutions.

DesignSpark Free Design Tools

Elektor engineer Stuart Cording speaks with Mike Bray, Joy Choudhuri, and Pete Wood of RS Group about DesignSpark, their free designs tools, and how they are supporting activist engineering.


What Else Happened at electronica 2022?