Elektor has a long history of publishing do-it-yourself electronics projects, as well as tutorials and in-depth analyses of essential engineering concepts. Today, our community comprises tens of thousands of electrical engineers, electronics makers, and technical students in dozens of countries. To engage our global audience, we publish in four languages (English, Dutch, French, and German), and in 2021, we’ll continue this tradition. Let’s take a look at what the Elektor team has planned for the next several months.

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Electronics Projects, Tutorials, Reviews — And More Projects

Looking for new electronics projects, engineering tutorials, and product reviews? Elektor has you covered, whether you are an English-speaking electrical engineer New York City, an electronics maker in Cologne, a technical student in Paris, or a weekend maker in Amsterdam. Check us out in print and online:
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2021 calendar

New Collaborations and Partnerships

In 2021, Elektor will continue working closely with industry partners to bring you exciting electronics projects, in-depth engineering content (magazines, webinars, videos, tutorials, and courses), and new products, including components, kits, modules, lab tools, and books. Below are a few of the exciting collaborations we have in the works!
  • Elektor and SIMAC: To support Elektor’s global community, we will continue working with Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany-based SIMAC Electronics to bring new electronics products and bundles to the market this year. Many of you are already familiar with SIMAC’s "JOY-iT" brand of products, including the JOY-iT JDS6600 signal generator and the JOY-iT JT-DPH5005 Programmable Buck and Boost Power Supply. We currently have new projects in the pipeline. And, of course, feel free to tell us if you want to discussing bringing a product to market.
  • Elektor and SparkFun: Over the past several months, Elektor has been collaborating with its friends at Boulder, Colorado-based SparkFun Electronics on a special content project. This March, you’ll see the fruits of our labor. You’ll surely appreciate the in-depth tutorials and projects that we have in store for you. Stay tuned if you’re interested in rapid prototyping, DIY robotics, embedded development, LIDAR technology, and FPGA programming.
  • The Elektor Expert Network: In 2021, we will continue grow the Elektor Expert Network (EEN), which is an invite-only group of hundreds of electrical engineers, pro makers, and academics that collaborate with us on books, projects, and products. Thin you might want to join the EEN? Reach out to EEN Support Manager Shenja Panik for details.
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Elektor 2021 Videos: Watch and Learn

Elektor's YouTube channel is rapidly gaining more subscribers. We now have more than 18,200 subscribers! Here are some of our most popular recent videos!

Let’s Communicate!

You have a few different options for participating in the Elektor community. Stay in touch!
  • Elektor Labs Platform: Use your Elektor Labs account to collaborate with other creative designers and to interact with Elektor engineers, such as Clemens Valens, Mathias Claussen, Jens Nickel, and Luc Lemmens. Maybe one of your projects will appear in the pages of Elektor magazine article!
  • Social Media: Elektor's social media communities are growing. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Book Publishing Opportunities: Have an idea for a book about a relevant electronics-related topic? Use our online form to easily pitch your idea to Elektor's editorial team. We welcome book proposals from both established authors and unpublished innovators interested in sharing their electronics and engineering knowledge!

I encourage you to participate in our community this year. Let’s work together to design, share, and sell electronics!