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Elektor is the world’s leading source of essential electrical engineering information and electronics solutions for engineers, pro makers, startups and the companies seeking to engage them. Our multichannel advertising and marketing solutions enable electronics brands to effectively, rapidly, and affordably tell their stories, generate leads, and drive sales. Contact Elektor today for advertising information and to learn about our international electronics community.

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Elektor Magazine

Since 1961, Elektor has played a leading role in the world of electronics. Our international network of more than 1,000 experts delivers high-quality electronics-related content in Elektor magazine in four languages (English, German, Dutch, and French).

Elektor Industry Magazine

Elektor Industry is the leading global magazine platform in English, Dutch, and German for talented entrepreneurs, young innovators, designers, start-ups, and scale-ups. Professional engineers, C-level executives, and electronics-savvy entrepreneurs rely on Elektor Industry for engineering insights, business tips, product news, and deep industry analysis. Elektor Industry is the perfect platform for distributing your message via ads, native content, interviews, press releases, and more. Customize your campaign to ensure maximum exposure and impact!

Our reader survey showed that:

  • 90% of our readers save all their issues - your advertising in Elektor has a very long shelf life.
  • 38% spend almost 2 hours reading the magazine and 40% spend over 2 hours - a direct reflection of the huge reader interest in the magazine content.
  • 99% study the advertisements - your advertisement has a significant chance of being read and sales generated for your products.
  • 48% are employed in either R&D or Production - the workplace of the Electronics Engineer.
  • 50% work in organisations with over 100 employees - these are the companies that issue the largest purchases orders and contracts.
  • 87% are involved in the purchasing decision making within their workplace - a clear indication that our readers are highly qualified, professional Electronics Engineers.

Information from our 2016 survey can be found at
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