Elektor Annual DVDs – Buy One get Another at Half Price

July 7, 2014 | 13:07
Elektor Annual DVDs – Buy One get Another at Half Price
Elektor Annual DVDs – Buy One get Another at Half Price

Running alongside our Crazy Summer Deals, we’ve another offer that’s guaranteed to trigger your input circuit! If you purchase any two of our Elektor annual DVDs, you get the second one at half-price—that’s a saving of 25% on the original cost.

All editorial articles from our English, Dutch, French and German editions of Elektor Magazine are included in each DVD, viewable using Adobe Reader. This means you’ll have digital access to the best content & projects on a wealth of engineering topics, including microcontroller and embedded systems, computers, audio and video, power supplies, wireless data communications, optoelectronics, CAD, circuit boards, test & measurement, engineering software, and RF technology.

Each Annual CD/DVD will allow you to:

• Produce hard copy of PCB layouts at printer resolution

• Adapt PCB layouts using your favorite graphics program

• Zoom in / out on selected PCB areas

• Fast text search in articles

• Ideal companion for College, GCSE, etc. Export circuit diagrams and illustrations to other programs (ideal for science projects)

• HTML overview for MacOS and Linux users

Also included in the offer are our two exceptionally popular “Decade DVDs”, each of which contain 110 issues and over 2000 articles, spanning from 1990 until 2009 (in English only)!

This offer will run through all of July, so you’ve plenty of time to choose which DVDs best matches your requirements and interests.*

Click here for an overview of all Elektor annual CD/DVDs

* Offer limited to available inventory

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