Elektor Bestseller: C# Programming for Windows and Android

February 2, 2016 | 10:49
C# Programming for Windows and Android
C# Programming for Windows and Android
High on the list of bestsellers in Elektor’s book portfolio is C# Programming for Windows and Android, a software only follow up to our best-selling Elektor Visual Studio C# range of books. This book provides in-depth information about the C# language and its development environment, aimed at engineers, scientists and enthusiasts alike.

Covering all the steps from installation through object orientated programming and on to more advanced concepts including database applications, threading and writing DLLs. After extensive exploration of these topics, the book concludes with several chapters detailing how you can create your own Android applications in C# using the Xamarin add-on.

Based on the Visual Studio 2015 development environment, this volume also uses the latest C# additions including WPF applications, LINQ queries, Charis and new commands. On top of this you get free access to extensive on-line resources which include well-documented worked-through examples together with links to the author's videos which guide you step by step along the way to help you reach your goals. Plenty to keep you up to speed and entertained for the whole read.

Dont miss out, go to the Elektor Store and get your hands on a copy of this book now, soon you will know all you need to know about programming in C#!
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