Elektor Credits Extension

January 6, 2014 | 00:00
Elektor Credits Extension
Elektor Credits Extension

We’re making some really important changes to Elektor’s online structure and design. We want to make sure that these changes are all to your benefit, so we’ve elected to extend the amount of time you have to spend your remaining Elektor Credits while we make this transition as smooth as possible.


We will now be extending the time you can spend and purchase Elektor Credits until February 28th, meaning that from March 1st, Elektor credits will no longer be a recognized currency at the Elektor store.


Elektor Credits can currently be spent on PCB artwork files and full, digital copies of Elektor Magazine (from 2006 onwards), individual magazine articles (from 2000),various e-books and CDs/DVDs. You can browse our extensive back-catalogue of Elektor Magazine at www.elektor.com/magazine.


To help you spend your credits wisely and with haste, we’ve created a page where you can browse all the digital content available to you. For a list of what digital content Elektor Credits can be exchanged for, simply follow the link below. 


Elektor credits will also remain purchasable until February 14th so if you can buy more in case you’re shy a few credits for that product you just can’t go without.

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