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Elektor Gadgets a Go-Go

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor Gadgets a Go-Go
Elektor Gadgets a Go-Go

Do you like gadgets? Do you like to tinker and have some fun with electronics? If so then check out our cool selection of easy but fun electronics projects for you to build. Go go create and develop electronic circuits within minutes with Minty Geek Electronics Lab 101! This kit allows you to build 3 gadgets: a cookie jar alarm, a lie detector, and an egg cooking timer. Elektor magazine subscribers get a 20% discount and pay no shipping and handling! (Limited time offer)

Want more? How about Go Go Gadget Astronomer’s Torch! Another cool kit from Minty Geek for you to build in less than an hour or go go old skool with valves and construct your own valve radio. Go go microcontroller a go-go with Bascom-AVR or Arduino. Go go anywhere you want safely on your bike with this amazing laser tail light.

Go Go Get Your Gadgets Here!

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