Now hot off the press is Elektor’s first edition of 2017! It’s available for purchase either as a pdf document or a printed magazine with free (!) shipping for a limited time only.
One of the highlights of this edition is definitely the Sand Clock. A real eye-catcher! This nifty gadget built around an Arduino Uno uses some servos and a pantograph mechanism to write the time in a sand bed. After a configurable time interval the sand is smoothed out by a pair of vibration motors and the cycle starts over again. Along with the automatic time mode, the clock software has a command mode which allows you to control the pen using simple commands.
Another highlight is the LEGO Control Board for the Raspberry Pi. This board combines the flexibility of LEGO with regards to mechanical construction and the flexibility of the Raspberry Pi with regards to software, Internet communications and a wide range of potential sensors. Programming is possible in languages such as C and Python. As an application example we show how this board and a few LEGO parts can be used to build a ‘useless box’.
As you may know, Elektor has a long history and a good reputation with high-end yet DIY, audio projects. In this edition of Elektor Magazine we proudly present D-Watt, a new power amplifier aimed at all audio enthusiasts, built around a digital audio driver IC and operating in class-D. This has the advantage that the amplifier can deliver a lot of output power (like 200 watts into 8 ohms) with very low heat dissipation. Say goodbye to big heatsinks!
This edition also provides exciting articles exploring AxiCat (a versatile USB development tool), BrainBox Arduino, as well a Super Simple Dice and a IoT Shield for Arduino, not forgetting part 4 of the Elektor SDR Reloaded series. In good tradition the edition closes with Retronics, this time on Elektor lab instruments in 1980s and 1990s style. And of course we have included all of our updates and news stories to peak your interest and keep you in the loop of what’s going on here at Elektor.
Printed copies of edition 1/2017 can be ordered directly from the Elektor Store at no charge for P&P, until edition 2/2017 comes out. The completely identical online version is available for instant downloading by GOLD and GREEN members here. Not a member yet? Click here to join the Elektor Community!