Elektor March 2013 Edition On Sale Now

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor March 2013 Edition On Sale Now
Elektor March 2013 Edition On Sale Now

Compared to the double January & February 2013 magazine, the March 2013 edition of Elektor is back to normal size at 84 pages. None the less the latest edition packs a wonderful  array of subjects from the realms of electronics.


The blockbuster project this month is no doubt our 500 ppm LCR Meter (yes that’s 0.05% accuracy), which we are sure is going to entice many of you, our readerships surveys time and again indicating that test and measurement equipment is HOT.


In the same issue we have an article on a versatile Raspberry Pi prototyping board that hopefully gets some real electronics connected to this $35 computer that’s taken the world by storm. The proto board is published with an open invitation to you to come up with clever extension circuits for the ‘Pi’.


Here is the complete table of contents:

• Elektor World

• 500 ppm* LCR Meter (1): The luxury of precision within everyone’s reach

• The 7-Up Alarm Clock / Time Switch (2): schematics and construction

• Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board: Make the RPi do things… Your Thing!

• USB-IO24 Cable: Use your PC for measurement, control and data conversion tasks the easy way

• Taming the Beast (3): Counting to 100 with 250 K gates

• Simple Servo Tester: A nice SMD soldering exercise

• Battery-Nearly-Empty Indicator

• Frontline breaking news from the Elektor Labs

• Power supply issues

• 7805 replacement grilled

• Prototype howlers

• Philips ‘hue’: Behind the scenes of an innovative bulb

• Open Data: Hacking Democracy

• Hexadoku: Puzzle with an electronics touch

• Retronics: ‘Radiomann’ Audion Kit (ca. 1956)

• Lighten Up: Gerards'Columns


The March 2013 edition is on sale now in our web shop and in your local bookshop or newsstand.


Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can download their digital copy from the Elektor.Magazine website. Former PLUS subscribers can log in using their customary Elektor Plus login data. All other members can log in using their e-mail address and membership number.

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