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Elektor Presents Second LabWorX Book

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor Presents Second LabWorX Book
Elektor Presents Second LabWorX Book

LabWorX is a collection of books, each handling a particular topic in the field of electronics. Each volume condenses all the information, applications and notes collected during hands-on work with the covered technology, all into one book. Besides the basics of the technology, in-depth examples and applications are given as well as troubleshooting tips on how to proceed if the initial implementation fails. The books provide a centralised repository of knowledge, each handling a particular technology.


Mastering Surface Mount Technology takes you on a crash course in techniques, tips and know-how to successfully introduce surface mount technology in your workflow. Even if you are on a budget you too can jumpstart your designs with advanced fine pitch parts.

Besides explaining methodology and equipment, attention is given to SMT parts technologies and soldering methods. In a step by step way, several projects introduce you to handling surface mount parts and the required skills to successfully build SMT assemblies. Many practical tips and tricks are disclosed that bring surface mount technology into everyone's reach without breaking the bank.

NOTE: Elektor magazine members can benefit from a special limited-time offer (till September 13): a 13% discount on the regular price of Mastering Surface Mount Technology plus free shipping and handling. What’s more, if you order other Elektor products at the same time, you receive free shipping on the entire order.

LabWorX 2 - Mastering Surface Mount Technology - is available as of week 37 (September 10-16, 2012) but you can reserve your copy now!

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