In the latest episode of Elektor Engineering Insights, our host Brian Tristam Williams welcomes James Lewis, known online as Bald Engineer. This in-depth interview explores James' multifaceted career and his passion for both retro and modern electronics!

James shares the intriguing story behind his successful YouTube channel AddOhms, and gives us an inside look at his creative process, revealing the dedication required to produce his in-depth videos. The conversation explores James' journey from a digital application engineer to a retro computing enthusiast. 

Highlights include his innovative project recreating an Apple IIGS using a Mega II chip, where he explains how this single ASIC contains all the logic of an Apple IIe. James’ passion for preserving vintage computer schematics shines through his Bit Preserve initiative, aimed at redrawing and documenting the intricacies of classic systems like the Commodore 64 and Vic-20. 

Although James appreciates digital electronics, he's no less proficient in analog, and recounts his experience as a teaching assistant for an analog professor and his first job dealing with high-end oscilloscopes, probing high-frequency signals like PCI Express. He also discusses the challenges of PCB design, with examples taken from personal experience. He advises beginners to avoid complex projects like switching power supplies for their first PCB and emphasizes the importance of incremental milestones.

The episode also features a discussion on James' other projects, such as his power supply adapters and his universal keyboard adapter project, featuring a Raspberry Pi Pico and designed to emulate keyboards for vintage computers. Watch the video and be inspired by James’ passion for engineering and retro computing!

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