Elektor.TV | Arduino... Print Me a Thing! ♫ Building the Materia 101 3D Printer

May 20, 2015 | 14:06
In Italian, materia means matter. Well, that’s a good name considering that this is the first official Arduinian device capable of arranging not only electrons, but matter also. In short, it’s a 3D printer!

The Materia 101 is based in an Arduino Mega2560, and this kit brings everything what’s needed to start printing right away, integrating a dedicated shield and a display. Its stainless steel body with plexiglass makes it very robust and stable. But in this case, a professional-looking, quality build does not mean it’s only for advanced users. The Materia 101 can be easily assembled by a beginner in about 6 hours. Let’s print!

Arduino Materia 101 Kit at Elektor (specs and ordering info)

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