Elektor's April 2012 Issue Now On Sale

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor's April 2012 Issue Now On Sale
Elektor's April 2012 Issue Now On Sale

Ever since last month Elektor boasts a longstanding tradition of presenting the new printed issue in a video. This month is no exception. So, instead of reading about it, watch the video and see how Wisse, the Editors' Editor in Chief, struggles with the word "ferrite".


Here is the table of contents for this issue:


Preamplifier 2012 (1)
RFID Reader Hacks
Lab PSU for Embedded Developers
LED Touch Panel
The Raspberry Pi $25 computer
Electronics for Starters (4)
Hackerspace Hack42
AVR Software Defined Radio (2)
Thermometer using Giant Pinball Wheel Displays
RS-485 Switch Board for the ElektorBus
The RL78 Microcontroller
Component Tips: Isolation
Retronics: Philips EL3581 Dictaphone (ca. 1960)
Gerard's Columns: Conceptual Engineering



The April 2012 issue is on sale now in our web shop and in your local bookshop or newsstand.


Elektor PLUS members can download their digital copy at the Elektor Plus website (third link below).

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