Elektor's Attic... now this is old school!

November 3, 2014 | 21:55
Up on the attic
Up on the attic
In the more than 60 years history of Elektor we must have build hundreds of projects! A lot of old hardware got lost in our move to our new offices, but a few items saved our cleaning drift. In our dusty attic we still have secured a nice collection of typical hardware and projects that defined the history of Elektor.

Many of you must recognize some of the stuff here - we have the Formant, the Elektor Junior Computer, the Mondrian Plotter, the Audio Series, the Edwin amplifier, the Filmnet decoder, the Elektor Scope, a whole pile of measurement equipment... you name it.

Elektor's Attic

The picture is available here in high resolution, so you can browse around and have a look yourself... only look, don’t touch!

We love stories, please post a comment, story or whatever with the project below, and we have a nice today’s piece of hardware (J2B board) for the posting/comment/story we like best.

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