Extended: Elektor’s 3=2 Clearance Sale!

July 23, 2014 | 07:17
Extended: Elektor’s 3=2 Clearance Sale!
Extended: Elektor’s 3=2 Clearance Sale!

Due to the overwhelming success of our Summer Clearance Sale, we’ve decided to extend its duration and give you more time to select a combination of Elektor products. We’ve a myriad of great items for you to choose from, including books, CDs, DVDs, boards, kits, ready-assembled boards and more.

If you’re struggling to make a decision, why not take a look at some of our most popular merchandise:

Android Apps, an erudite 200+ page introduction into programming apps for Android devices, so you can personalize your smartphone in any way you wish and use it as a control device.

Controller Area Network Projects, a clear and concise book aimed at teaching you the basic principles of CAN networks and the development of microcontroller based projects using the CAN bus.

Eagle V6 Getting Started Guide, which offers the foremost and most thorough instruction on the use of the CadSoft EAGLE PCB design software package.

ECD 7, the must-have CD ROM for all electronics enthusiasts, consisting of eight databanks containing over 11,100 ICs, more than 37,000 transistors, FETs, thyristors and triacs, just under 25,100 diodes and 2,000 optocouplers.

Masterclass Modern Valve Electronics, a double DVD covering new technologies for enhancing tube amplifiers. Crammed with in-depth information, this DVD also includes lecture notes and datasheets alongside almost 3 hours of seminar footage presented by Menno van der Veen.

LED Toolbox, truly a designer’s companion, this DVD offers datasheets, design guides, application notes, driver ICs and other carefully sorted documentation (optical properties, electrical characteristics, mounting, life expectancy, etc.) about and around LEDs, not to mention more than 100 Elektor Magazine articles on the subject of LEDs.

Of course, you’re free to combine whatever Elektor stock item you’d like. Take your time and enjoy the additional weeks of the Elektor 3=2 Clearance Sale!

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