Five Info-Packed Editions of Elektor Magazine For Just £19.60

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Five Info-Packed Editions of Elektor Magazine For Just £19.60
Five Info-Packed Editions of Elektor Magazine For Just £19.60

On Wednesday June 26, 2013 we publish the 37th edition of Elektor’s loved & celebrated double-sized edition for the months of July and August. This issue offers a bulk of ideas, projects and practical software in a mix of small and large articles on a whopping 132 pages. Our editors and designers are now burning their midnight oil to make sure you can enjoy lots of pages with detailed descriptions and inventive electronics applications.


Make sure you don’t miss this special edition. Ensure your FREE COPY now and take advantage of this exclusive offer:


Get to know Elektor and receive the upcoming five issues for just £19.60!


This offer means that you only pay for the September, October, November and December 2013 editions. You’ll receive the extra-thick July & August double issue (valued at £7.90) completely free of charge! There are no obligations on your part.


Every edition of Elektor contains up-to-date news and views, product research, real-world lab tests, high quality DIY construction projects, columns & regulars, and coverage of all the latest developments in the field of electronics and information technology. Take advantage of this special introductory offer and read five info-packed editions of Elektor magazine for just £19.60 (approx. €23 / US $30)!

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