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Free 3D Modeling Tool Facilitates Mechanical Design

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Free 3D Modeling Tool Facilitates Mechanical Design
Free 3D Modeling Tool Facilitates Mechanical Design

A new, free 3D design tool aims to help engineers with 3D modeling of their designs by being easy to use. RS Components and SpaceClaim joined forces to develop the tool, which can be used to model physical elements of designs, such as enclosures or interface panels, without having to learn complex feature-based 3D tools. It can also be used to develop early prototypes, either as a PDF file or on a 3D printer.


DesignSpark Mechanical aims to overcome the two major entry barriers faced by potential users: the cost and steep learning curve of traditional 3D CAD tools. DesignSpark Mechanical is free, and it uses direct modeling so that engineers and others involved in product development can learn to use the software within minutes.


With access to more than 38,000 3D models in the DesignSpark online component library, DesignSpark Mechanical allows engineers to rapidly develop an end-to-end design with a free, professional-grade modeling tool. RS and Allied have also collaborated with 3D content company TraceParts to provide access to millions of models from the online tracepartsonline.net CAD portal in DesignSpark Mechanical format.


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