GSM/GPS Shield for Arduino Updated

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
GSM/GPS Shield for Arduino Updated
GSM/GPS Shield for Arduino Updated

Open Electronics has released an updated version of their GSM/GPRS shield for Arduino, with new hardware features designed to expand user customisation options and support a wide variety of configurations.


The shield uses a SIM900 module to provide GSM/GPRS functionality or a SIM908 module for GSM/GPRS and GPS. Among other applications, with the SIM908 SIMCOM module the shield can be used to implement a GPS tracking device that can communicate location data via the Internet or text messaging. The new version also includes audio connectors (microphone and headset) to support voice communication.


The software library for the GSM/GPRS shield has also been updated with new features. The main enhancement is TCP/IP communication support over GPRS.


Learn how to use a GSM/GPRS shield

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