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How to Solder Elektor's September Issue

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
How to Solder Elektor's September Issue
How to Solder Elektor's September Issue

Many of you know how to handle a soldering iron. When you are a starter we all joke: make sure you have the correct end! By the time you're an expert, you can probably do some SMD work.


What Jan Buiting (Editor International Edition) is trying in this video is completely weird and new; he is soldering a magazine! Without any problems he connects you from article to article and make sure you will  know exactly what the new issue of Elektor will offer you. He takes you 'lead free' from Linux to AVR and takes the train back to the starters point. Watch the video and see it happen!


Confused? Discover it all in the new Elektor September 2012 edition. Now available in our webshop and in your local bookstore or newsstand. Or become a member and join us for a full year of challenging projects.

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