If the VR headset you just bought for an awful lot of money looks like a giant pair of lab glasses not unfit fir Muppet Beaker, it’s sooo 10 seconds ago! A VR-2020 headset concept named Light and Shadow, the designers proclaim, “concentrates on how to make VR both more social and more solitary in very different ways.” With features like wireless headsets and accessories, plus emotion and mood reading smart fabrics.

Shadow is a headset that is attached to a hoodie for a really private VR experience. The computer and battery are actually built into the hoodie part, not the head-mounted display, and it's a suite of wearables including a sound vibration pack and a neuromuscular force feedback sleeve for tactile interactions.

Simple, sharable and transparent, it allows the user to stay connected not only to the virtual reality but to his or her environment and the people around. I wonder! Also, if the new device as I found it posted at FastCo Design was tested in places like Brixton, say, to test the response of a few front desk receptionists.