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About Jan Buiting

Jan Buiting (1958) has been active in electronics and ways of expressing it since the age of 15. Attempts at educating Jan formally have so far yielded an F-class radio amateur license, an MA degree in English, a Tek Guru award, and various certificates in electronics. Jan joined Elektor Magazine’s English edition in 1985 and is the magazine’s longest standing editor at ease with creative writing as well as soldering. His enthusiasm is triggered not only by vintage electronics, weird components and measurement gear he writes about in Retronics, but also by anyone telling a lively story during his Elektor TV interviews. Jan likes to spend his spare time walking, reading, and restoring classic mopeds and radios. In his private electronics lab he enjoys working with tubes and dusty parts as much as with analogue electronics and a few microcontroller systems small and old enough to remain within his comprehension.
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