If you like Elektor, you’ll love CC.POST

February 3, 2014 | 00:00
If you like Elektor, you’ll love CC.POST
If you like Elektor, you’ll love CC.POST

Circuit Cellar takes engineers a step beyond the Elektor.LAB, to real-world embedded engineering solutions and insight. Featuring workbench level designs from electronics engineers all over the world, CC.POST e-newsletter and Circuit Cellar magazine are the perfect pairing for Elektor fans.


Each week, CC.POST cuts through the static of online viewing and serves you with the hottest embedded topics to keep you ahead of the competition. From hardware platforms to development tools and everything in between, you can rely on Circuit Cellar to focus on what’s important: electronics engineering.


Be inspired by the design around you as CC.POST checks in with experts and academics eager to share their hardware and software developments with peers. Connect with them as they tear down, build-in, and sound off. Let them worry about putting technology to the test so you can focus on what’s important:  Design success!


CC.POST guides you through the process and keeps you informed about the tools that will help you build, test, and produce embedded technologies that make a difference in the world around us.

Have your premium electronics news and information served straight to your inbox. Receive advanced notice of design challenges and sampling programs. Stay connected. Sign up for CC.POST today.

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