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Intelligent Motor Drive Dances to EtherCAT’s Tune

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Intelligent Motor Drive Dances to EtherCAT’s Tune
Intelligent Motor Drive Dances to EtherCAT’s Tune

The iPOS4808 BX-CAT, the latest member of the iPOS family of motor drive units from Technosoft, is the first BX drive with an EtherCAT interface. Based on MotionChip technology, drive can operate as a standard EtherCAT drive that accepts the CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE), or as an intelligent drive that can be programmed to execute complex motion profiles directly at drive level using its built-in motion controller and the high-level Technosoft Motion Language (TML).


With a maximum current capacity of 8 A continuous or 20 A peak, the new drive can control rotary or linear brushless, DC brush and stepper motors with powers up to 400 W and voltages up to 50 V. It features two feedback connectors, allowing the drive to be used in dual-loop control applications with single-ended or differential transducers or sine/cosine encoders. Digital and linear Hall transducers can also be used as motor sensors.


The drive can operate with EtherCAT communication cycles down to 200 μs for all working configurations, including open loop microstepping or closed-loop control of two- or three-phase stepper motors, DC brushed motor control, and sinusoidal or trapezoidal control of brushless motors.

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