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It’s here! Elektor Volume 2011 on DVD

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
It’s here! Elektor Volume 2011 on DVD
It’s here! Elektor Volume 2011 on DVD

Do you like playing games? OK, how about this one: Find all the Elektor articles published in 2011 that contain the word “receiver” *. To answer this question you have to either read from beginning to end all eleven 2011 issues that you have kept carefully for future reference or get yourself the new Elektor Volume 2011 DVD-ROM.


Although a DVD will not give you the same sensations as reading a real paper magazine, it does have some advantages. Besides the extended search functions that are difficult to implement in a paper magazine, it also packs the 2.1 kg of eleven issues on a disk that weighs a hundred times less and occupies almost seventy times less space. And it includes all the PCB designs too!


Order the Elektor Volume 2011 DVD-ROM now and get a 20% discount and shipping for free! Also, now is a great time to complete your collection of annual DVDs as these same conditions apply for all our annual DVDs dating back to 1998! What's more, the DVD Elektor 1990 through 1999 is available at a special low price too. This offer is time limited, make sure you place your order before March 16, 2012.


Elektor Plus members will receive their complementary copy of the Elektor Volume 2011 DVD-ROM together with the upcoming March issue.

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